Divine Television is committed to bring the Word of God into every home across the globe. The activities of Divine's TV Ministry in North America are coordinated by the Divine Vision Network Inc. registered in Georgia, USA.

Divine TV Ministry is a huge financial responsibility but it is an urgent mission God has placed in our hearts - that every sad and lost person anywhere on this earth at any hour can tune in to hear the saving message of God.

The regularity of your donation is of tremendous importance to us. It will help us to plan and produce quality programming and invest in the necessary infrastructure to run a 24-hour commercial free Catholic Gospel Channel. Your monthly commitment will help us bring the "Divine Experience" into your very own life daily and of every person who needs God's Love and Comfort - anywhere in the world!

Join us as an integral partner of our Divine TV Ministry
Monthly Donor Program

Contribution to Divine Vision Network
Pray for us, share our financial burden! This will be "Your partnership in the Gospel." (Phil 1:15) that St. Paul call us to.


USD100 / CAD 100 only per month

You can also contribute to Divine's TV Ministry as Spiritual Partners in any of the following ways:

  • USD600 / CAD600 as a one-year contribution (USD50 / CAD50 per month).
  • If donating on a monthly basis is not possible for you, we invite you to donate any amount as our Lord inspires you at your convenience. Please select the 'onetime' option.

You can choose to send your monthly contribution to Divine Vision Network in any of these 2 modes of payment below too:



Your name and prayer requests will be permanently on our list of intercessors.

For more information, please contact:

Divine Vision Network Inc.
1241 O.G. Skinner Drive
West Point
GA 31833
Tel: 706 645 3002 (USA)
Tel: 416 737 9573 (Canada)

"Give to the Most High as he has given to you,
just as generously as you can.
The Lord always repays and will do it many times over."
Sirach 35:10-11